a slow-lapping sludge

These are my pieces
not my whole

skin does not
portray the inside
nor a smile
dismisses the pain

eyes will not reveal
my depth
I am an object
of another’s will

forcefully maneuvered
to your liking, daddy

a simple touch
triggers a memory

I long for compassion
for love
without fear of an attack

flaunted by you
the vile acts

words only
prolong the agony

that keep you alive
in my head
marred by bruises battered
into slow-lapping sludge

of a 6-year-old boy.

Tag 6/18/2015

Bending Branches

Bending branches on the sidelines
watching them fracture
like highways fading
into pale yellow sunsets

twisted and barren
the place you once coveted
with our names etched in hearts

empty blue skies grow dim
my palms become
weighed down by the gloom
that feeds you

I have taken nothing
but the leaves
which once flourished
with pink petals
you swallowed whole

unlace the ties
discard the gift
wrap it’s honey in burlap
and sew it shut

breathe me in once more
as the beating dies
let me fade into the life
you once lived.

©TAG 2/1/15

let me

let me lay

in a relinquished love note

curled around frayed edges

languid along every tattered fold

among flowers placed in a milk carton

allow the script

to fuse my anguish in peace

smiling briefly at the vivid colors

as their heads nod in reverence

quiescent affirmations of hope

etched along their stems

just for a moment

when reality is too agonizing

…let me

tag 4/23/15